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  • Curveball Questions

    Do you know that time during a meeting, workshop, interview, or other interaction when a question comes up that catches you off guard and/or disrupts the flow, causes a hot flash, and momentarily stops the storytelling rhythm and flow? Yeah, the classic gotcha, curveball, trick, rhetorical question. I used to hate this; it was a…

  • The Magic Wand

    First, do you know when you are decking your way through a meeting with too many cooks, non-combatants, and ‘talkers’ rather than ‘contributors’? You know them; you may even be one. Folks have much to say but need help understanding how to narrate or storytell well. Some of my posts walk around the issues I…

  • The 5 Slide Rule™

    The 5 Slide Rule™ (of thumb) for planning and over-prepping for storytelling success. This is a people, process, and tools article to help anyone who needs another way to get ready potentially. What this ‘rule’ is not What the 5 Slide Rule is: Beginnings Middles and Ends. When story-making, folks often struggle with’ setting the…

  • Strategic Benign Neglect

    SBN (Strategic Benign Neglect) is one of the most potent techniques in life, not just in presentations and meetings. The idea is simple and powerful. Do you need to answer every question? Do you need to address everything that comes to you in any form? No. Moreover, you can acknowledge, advance, table, and defer. Acknowledging…

  • Poise, Presence, Posture

    The three ‘Ps’ can be even more challenging for folks than the content development inside the 5 Slide Rule™ rubric. As in other posts, I will attempt to break down these concepts and how they work for me as I develop a presentation process as a coping mechanism to deal with my own agoraphobia issues.

  • Who are you talking to?

    Who are you talking to?

    Who are you talking to? Sounds tense. In the world of the Five Slide Rule™ discipline, another deeply powerful practice is understanding the human (book slide), but even more fundamental is where is the human(s) in the audience.

  • How much time do you have?
  • Takeaways


    Reflecting on personal mistakes and lessons learned, the writer acknowledges their initial hubris, arrogance, and lack of humility. Admitting ignorance led to continuous learning, while dependence on team collaboration resulted in leadership growth. Emphasizing humility, they advocate for the power of asking “How can I help?” to foster successful outcomes and team responsibility. (ai generated…

  • My mom made me a storyteller.

    My mother said I had the gift of gab. I was a chatty child, in a large family getting a word in edge wise was hard. Somewhere back there it began. In fights I would try and talk my way out rather than just fighting it out. Girls, if they even paid a little attention,…