How much time do you have?

Time is the ultimate finite resource.
This will be a short post. You know, because of time.

1. Before any preps or motions to prep. How much time do we have? 60m, then we have 40m of content. 90m, then you have 50m cause discussion. 120m, you have 60m because the client or prospect loses attention or wants to curate your materials. Opinion: your results may vary.

2. Once you know how much time. The meeting progressions, sell-arounds, consensus tourneys, pre-reads, and nonsense. You. Can. Plan.

3. Lay out your time, like the clothes you will wear tomorrow. Or preps you will do over and over until the narrative is told ten times before a client or prospect hears it once(yes, once). Yeah, 10x rule, thanks, Grant Cardone… book slide. The 10x rule applies here. Do it 10x before once in front of a client or prospect. You may think at this moment, ‘Really, capt. overkill?’ And I would reply, of course, Private under-prep, duh, low-key mid! Big facts, bruh, you buggin’. You doin’ too much, bruh. Just kidding, my kids would say that. Over-prepping is everything, especially in larger group teams.

4. Write out minute-by-minute talk track coverage. Speaking roles, tangent call-in roles, subject callbacks, handoffs, rabbit holes with a leash, run-downs with a hook… you name it, write it out. The run of the show is detailed and enforced. This amount of prep is commonly skipped, shortened, or delayed until some all-nighters at a hotel. I. Do not. Do this. I never recommend this. Presenters need sleep; the whole team needs sleep. People who let last-minute prep happen to their teammates are failures, IMHO. Winning is more challenging for them. Scramble ramble is not a strategy, nor is show up throw up.(said in a PSST, whisper)

Time is currency; no one gets the time back you waste. Plan accordingly.
Thanks for reading this far; I hope I haven’t wasted your time.

#keepmoving #keepgoodtime