FuelMinder™ Number of gallons per min x pumps = fuel occupancy per store

Can you project more refined busy index for fuel locations
using meters that already exist to infer busy idle indexes and get prediction alerts with your distance to the pump calculated.

There are many ways that data counting can give indicators leading and lagging on traffic, behavior and opportunities to offer consumers opportunities. Simple data awareness… frequency, transaction counts, amounts, swipes, use of contactless itself. All of these data can be wrapped around moments of interactions. Moments that thread users’ behavior to actions that you watch.

Computer vision for intelligence, using basic surveillance of movements of vehicles in a parking lot to anticipate offers, inventory and maintenance, making that transparent to the consumer. Basically tell them this is the pattern or set of patterns. Here is the ideal time to come visit… or in cent behavior to fill gaps, level labor to tasks, activities and actions.

Fuel pricing (lowest) + tank size

17 gal x 4.49 = $76.50 per full tank.

17 gal x ($4.49 – .15c disc per) = $73.78 net savings $2.72

So no significant savings, but what if…..

You could get a sense of how busy/best time to fill up, anticipation and alerts that fit your needs… empty/full estimate match optimal fill up location by price fuel type?

Sketch of inputs to an formula

fuel price + tank size + fill level + pumps(# of dispensers/fuel types) + fuel velocity(gals/min) + transacted gals per hour (volume of fills) + mean time btw activations (accounts for spacing of fill events) + store transactions matched to cc or instore cash or gc w fuel + inactive or out of order dispensers + known outage windows for PM + in ground tank volume to empty (anticipation metric tank refill) + current location or preferred locations or recents or favorite locations

Now this algo could, when combined with consumer inputs, could make rough and refining suggestions on the best and worst times and plot them on a curve persist them over time to make suggestions on best next fill price locale.

So a message, “Mike, you filled up <date> <fill amount>, within the next <mileage or time> these are a couple ideal <day/time> at <location/price> to refuel and if it works I can alert you or set a reminder. (use CarPlay also) And if you tell us how to make this better we could save you more money each time you fill up and make it convenient and efficient.

Tie in a back court reward or other incentive for acting on this or enhancing this message with further input. FuelMinder™ another feature of loyalty.